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  1. Is the economy too big…too complex? When the economy moves past a scale that “normal” people can no longer understand…is that too big? Does it really benefit anyone to have an economy that is $62 trillion?

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  3. Last night I saw the movie Limitless – a predictably predictable movie, but it did at least begin the conversation of “what are we truly capable of?” If we were able to access every bit of information floating in our heads, how much more could we accomplish in life? Can we lead a life without limits?

  4. Just finished reading “The Big Short” (I know, I’m completely behind on reading the important books of our day) – two thoughts came up: (1) it is mind-boggling how much trust we place in financial institutions, yet we are sorely undercompensated for it, and (2) has it always been Wall Street’s motto to screw over the poor? [I had some conflict editing that thought…because I do feel like the unadulterated version of that line is how Wall Street truly feels.]

  5. Another finance-oriented thought bouncing around in my head – how has the evolution of Wall Street (i.e., mergers creating large and unwieldy [and somewhat cartel-like] institutions) affected the movement of capital in the economy? What economic events can be tied to a lack of competition in the banking industry? What have we missed out on as a result of these institutions controlling the economic resources of the world?

  6. Shotgun Movie Review – “The Tree of Life” was the movie that made me lose my faith in the medium of film. It was the most pretentious movie that I’ve ever seen (which is fitting since it starred Brad Pitt [who has replaced acting with gritting his teeth] and Sean Penn). Every scene in the movie felt like it was the final thesis for an NYU film grad – contrived, cliched and (intentionally) confusing. After the film ended, I overheard someone saying that he “liked the movie because it was so poetic.” I wanted to punch him in the face. This movie made me want to punch everyone in the face.

    …I almost forgot, there were dinosaurs in the movie. Just let that simmer in your mind for a bit.

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