Midnight Oil

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Trying something a little different today – let’s see what the WordPress Daily Prompt can inspire: Candle

When you think of a candle, the first image that comes to mind is one of light.  A flame in the darkness that illuminates a room, a passageway, an entrance.  A candle becomes the one thing you treasure in an emergency.  A way to ensure that you have warmth or light when darkness is thrust upon you.  A candle is also associated with sensuality.  A way to set the mood with either scents or dim lighting.  While dulling your vision, a candle can be used to stimulate your other senses.

At this point in my life, I think I associate candles the most with…mortality.  It’s a symbol of our finite nature.  The minute we’re born…our wicks are lit.  And it’s just a matter of time until we burn out and are nothing more than a puddle on the floor.  Rather than reshape us into something stronger, the flame destroys us and breaks down our structure moment by moment.

If we all end up in the same state…is there a point in life?  Is there a point to the struggles?  A point to the constant search for riches and status?  A point to seeking out love?  A point to trying to create a legacy?

We spend most of our lives trying to survive (and we obviously all have different perspectives on what ‘surviving’ means), but how often do we actually stop and think about why we’re doing all of this?  There should be a greater point…some greater meaning to all of this…right?  Are we just meant to enjoy the time we spend as our candle burns?  Should we just acknowledge the wax puddle that we’re all moving towards and just let our lives melt away?

I tend to think of larger themes and bigger meanings…it’s a product of consuming too much fictional content over the years.  I yearn for some narrative…some structure and arc to life…

Maybe I’m just asking too much out of life…I should just be content with watching the flame move down candle…and creating some formless mass at the end.





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