The Trolling of America

In Politics on May 5, 2016 by thebetweenthoughts

So…we’re really doing this Trump thing, huh?

[I’ll put aside the normal ramblings about not writing consistently enough – more than a year since the last post! – and save that for another post…which hopefully will happen in less than a year.  No promises!]

As fascinating as the Republican primary has been…did anyone really think this was going to happen?  We were all reveling in the trainwreck of the Republican party (Disclaimer: I once considered myself a Republican…I fit all of the demographics in terms of income status and fiscal theories…but I can’t honestly accept a party that has become so anti-science…anti-logic…anti-anything, really.]…but I think we all thought that at some point during the process, the Republican base would wake up to the disaster that a Trump nomination would be.  Well…that point has come and gone.  And now, we’re left with a caricature of a human being at the top of the Republican ticket.  You can’t blame “The Donald” though…he was the only one on the Republican side to figure out what was fueling politics in this day and age…blind anger.  (Bernie Sanders is doing the same on the Democratic side, but he’s going against the Clinton political machine.)

Trump was able to tap into the id of America and foster this rage against all things “un-American” – which by his rhetoric includes Mexicans, Muslims, the political establishment, anyone that disagrees with him and protests him, and, of course, coherent thought.  I don’t fault Donald Trump though – as with any savvy (or smarmy) businessperson, he identified a weakness in the market and exploited it.  It’s just that in this case, the opportunity that he’s exploiting is the American people.  I’m more disappointed and scared for us as a country that we could give credibility to someone like Trump.  Are we truly that fed up with the “political establishment”?  Are we really in such dire straits and hopelessness that we would hand the country to a man with a bankruptcy-filled business record?

Admittedly, I live in New York City, so maybe I’m just not aware of the state of the rest of the country.  But, as a consultant, I travel to some pretty small and middle-class urban areas…and I haven’t seen the level of decay that Trump (and the rest of the Republicans) talk about.  Our country isn’t falling apart…it doesn’t need a savior.  Yet the two candidates that have sparked the most enthusiasm in the country are the ones calling for a revolution.

What happened to us?  Eight years ago it was about hope and change…we were in low point economically and politically…and (I thought) we came together through a candidacy of optimism.  Where did we go wrong?

Internet trolls are the people that harass others without any fear of recrimination due to the anonymity of the internet.  They incite anger and devolve conversations into single-minded, insult-driven affairs.  There really isn’t a point to their anger, they just want to bring out the worst in us.

…other than the anonymity, I think that pretty much describes what Trump has done to the political process.  Are we going to realize this anytime soon…or will Trump soon be trolling the rest of the world?



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