Hillary for America?

In Politics on April 15, 2015 by thebetweenthoughts

Nothing inspires me more than a completely open Presidential election – let’s do some bloggin’!

Hillary for (those that don’t really vote in) America!

I actually liked the Hillary’s announcement video.

(Random sidenote: Is it a good or bad thing that we reference her as just “Hillary”? All of the Republican nominees are known by their full names…even the one with some history [I’m looking at you Rand Paul]. Why do we ignore the “Clinton” aspect of her candidacy? Is it just because we know the name so well…or are we trying to ignore the association?)

Given the focus on Hillary’s personal and professional failings recently, the video was an interesting shift away from her and to the “everyday Americans (her term not mine)” for which she’s fighting. The implication here of course is that she’s going to fight the 1% who have been ruining our country (at least that’s the phrasing that I have in mind when she made that line). It’s an interesting tact that appeals to the population who vote in the Presidential elections, but don’t vote for anything else. With America’s general apathy towards politics and voting in general (but coupled with a propensity to bitch about everything), we basically vote ourselves into a corner every four years. “The People” vote in their President and then “The People” fail to support them in the intervening years.

Do I think Hillary is going to win? Probably. With the most name recognition (a more important factor in the Presidential election – notice a theme here?), she has the best chance of connecting with those voters who show up to vote once every four (or 8…or never) years. The video actually appeals to a broad coalition of “underserved” – small business, minorities, same-sex couples – which of course means the flip side is that it might actually repel the older, white base that represents the bulk of the voting population. But this is the problem with politics obviously. All it does is push people to the extremes – Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, yes…or no. It seems as if we’ve lost the ability to make nuanced decisions. We especially have lost the ability to explain…and subsequently understand nuance.

Surprisingly, Hillary does seem like the candidate most likely to embark on this nuanced path though. Through her experience in the State Department, we’ve seen her react not on liberal or conservative lines but in ways that represent a painstaking decision process. As a President, this thoughtfulness doomed Obama. But as a candidate, this might still be an appealing trait.

We all speak from our own political leanings – I can only voice the perspective of someone totally jaded by the political process (who votes every four years…maybe)…someone with a well-paying job (not 1%…but top 30%?…hopefully)…who is liberal in his social policies, but lean towards the fiscal conservative side. I’m in favor of the Affordable Care Act. I’m was in favor of the bank bailouts. I’m confused on immigration reform. I’m for same-sex marriage. I’m also an anarchist at heart…yet have one of the most conservative and status quo promoting jobs. Ha.

I don’t know if I’m representative of my generation at all – a 30-something demographic that have decent jobs, but aren’t really invested in what is happening around us. We recycle when we remember (or are guilted into it). We donate to non-profits (but rarely care what happens to that money). We bitch about unfair taxes (until we hit the next bracket). We are the apathetically ascendant. We stand to inherit the country, but we’re fine with our parents running things for now.

Will I vote for Hillary? Probably. But that’s more a function of the lack of current competition. (Which I’ll cover in a future post.) It’s going to be an interesting campaign season. I’ll watch every minute of it…and then try to remember to vote.



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