Q1 Review

In Life on April 2, 2013 by thebetweenthoughts

The first quarter of the year has come to a close…and by all financial measures, we should be pleased with ourselves and optimistic about our future.  (For now, let’s ignore our continuing political gridlock,  economic turmoil in the Eurozone, and nuclear tension with North Korea…but hey, the Dow Jones is up!)  And it’s this financial focus on the world that has me critically evaluating what the future may (and should) hold.

There was a time in life, when I honestly did not expect to live past twenty-five.  The follies of youth seemed more important than any consideration of the future and what the future might require.  I wasn’t naive enough to think that I could bypass a strong education or a well-paying job, but I hesitated at the thought of a “career”, of “savings”, of “retirement”.  It was easier to think of life as a blank sheet after twenty-five, almost like that Bugs Bunny cartoon.  Once the reel ends, you’re just left with empty space…a void.  Of course, refusing to think about something does not prevent it from happening (although I did try my hardest to avoid “the future” with a move to New York and a two years in business school).  But I’m nearly seven years into “the void” and I think that’s sufficient enough time to realize that it’s not as much of a blank sheet, as it is a world of measured and worn steps rising towards stability and comfort.

Those words have frightened me over the years.  I never wanted to be comfortable…I never wanted to be happy…as I just saw these words as paths to laziness and complacency.  If the world wasn’t a challenge, then what was the point?  It was hard to recognize the value of happiness (as silly as that sounds…I’ll admit it was probably a defense mechanism to my previous foray into domesticated happiness…and the resulting disaster that occurred).  But now that I feel myself veering towards that state, I have to wonder what are the structures that need to be built to sustain this happiness.  I guess it’s time to put away childish things and to be an adult.


Is it possible to have my cake and eat it too?  I’m not saying that I’m entitled to it, I’ll work for it…but I just want to have the foundations to sustain happiness, while at the same time having the freedom to explore and dissect all of the unknown bits of life that I find interesting.  Practicality and creativity have always been the two sides that I have tried to balance on my Libra scale (and more often than not I have veered towards one or the other).  As I move closer and closer towards “the future”, it seems like practicality is going to win out.  That’s the big takeaway from the first quarter – if I want this stable future to happen, I need to manage my resources towards it.  (Even that statement sounds so old and crusty…)  Is it time to succumb to the system, to the social and financial structures that exist…only to perpetuate themselves eternally?


[Hmm…this certainly has turned into more of a rambling mess than I expected.  Well, I never promised clarity of thought in this blog.  Hopefully, someone out there will be able to find a useful nugget or two.]

How was your first quarter of the year?



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