“It’s time to let go of childish things…”

In Business School, Life on June 14, 2011 by thebetweenthoughts

When I re-started my blogging career I had promised more frequent postings.  Considering that I have not submitted a post in over two months, I believe I may have failed on that promise.  Sorry ’bout that.

I am not going to make excuses about my lack of content on this site, but I do have to say it has been a busy time for me.  Two years of business school finished up.  Employment uncertainty has finally been settled.  And I am on the cusp of a new phase of my life.  Once again, no excuse for my failed promise but I just want you to understand the contextual factors at play.

Is it time to become an adult?

It’s been nearly five years since I moved to New York City.  When I made the decision to move, the driving factor was my desire to write.  [We all know how that has turned out.  Of course, depending on your opinion of stand-up comedy as a creative pursuit, I may have somewhat succeeded in that endeavor.]  The other less publicized factor was that I wanted to leave behind the corporate life that had consumed me since graduating college.  I needed a break from being an adult.  I needed a break from having any sort of accountability to anyone other than myself.  In the end, that’s what “adulthood” is all about – having responsibilities outside your personal sphere.  And so I went to New York, a city where you can act like a child as long as you want.  [I guess I could have done this anywhere, but New York allows you to act with such anonymity that responsibility and accountability never seem to take hold.]  And I did.  The first few years here are full of stories (documented in the old blog) of childishness and carefree activity.  The decision to enter business school was an admission that it was time to grow up.  [I know many of my business school colleagues would probably disagree with that statement.  For many, business school is an opportunity to party, travel and drink on the government’s dime while increasing their earning potential through two years of shallow academic activity.]  Business school was a way for me to re-acclimate to the corporate world.  To the world where money matters.

[Random sidenote: The old blog is officially gone.  I ended my previous account with Apple and erased my laptop without saving the old entries.  It was devastating at first realizing that four years of random musings were gone.  They were the musings of a different time.  Though they served as signposts of my intellectual development, they are nothing more than old thoughts.  Old thoughts that shape my current thinking, but old thoughts nonetheless.  As you can see, I’m still getting over it.  =P]

Now that business school has ended and I am back on the path to corporate success, is it time to stop being a child?  What do I need to leave behind to move on to the next phase of life?


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